Additional Staff Members

Susan Brow

Events Manager 

Brittany Bryant

Career Pathways Specialist 

Rebecca Christ

Social Work and Special Projects Senior Manager

Marcella Columbus

Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator

Heidi Coupland

Development Manager

Claudia Duarte

Social Service Coordinator

Michelle Gere

Development Associate

Edna Gomez-Green

Family Law Support Manager

Elizabeth Howard

Community Engagement Manager

Trinka Jones

Client Relations Assistant

Tracy Lathion

Executive Assistant

Becky Onken

Social Worker

Erika Parra

Client Relations Assistant

Leslie Ramirez

Family Law Support Coordinator

Merle Salus-Herbig

Social Worker

Julie Schaffer

Computer Literacy Coordinator

Katie Selph

Marketing Manager 

Meg Sneed

Project Manager

Lakiesha Townsel

Program Coordinator

Regina Valdez

Client Services Manager

Amelia Videan, BA

Welcome Wednesday Program Coordinator | 602-261-7147

Mandy Watkins

Grants Manager

Sunshine Watson

Development Database Manager