Fresh Start Woman's Foundation
Fresh Start Woman's Foundation

Create a Team for Purple Purse Challenge

You can support Fresh Start in the Allstate Purple Purse Challenge!

The Allstate Purple Purse Challenge began in 2005, dedicated to raising awareness and support for victims of domestic violence and financial abuse. We are inviting you to join us by creating a CrowdRise team to help raise critical funds that will directly support the domestic violence and financial programs offered to women at Fresh Start Women's Resource Center.

Creating a team is easy to do and can be completed in minutes online! Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Fresh Start's Purple Purse CrowdRise Page here
  2. Once you are on Fresh Start's Purple Purse page select the button that says "Join the Team and Create Your Own Fundraiser"
  3. From there, you will be prompted to either "login" or "create an account"
  4. Once you have logged into your existing (or new) account, you will be brought back to the Fresh Start Purple Purse page, click the button that says "Join the Team and Create Your own Fundraiser" again
  5. A new window will pop up to confirm that you would like to join the team
  6. Once you have joined, the button will now say "you have joined this team" 
  7. Customize your campaign under "my campaigns" and get fundraising!

Questions about creating a team? Contact Heidi Coupland: | 602-261-7136

We want to help your team succeed!

Download our tool kit & campaign timeline to help your team reach your goals!