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Fresh Start Woman's Foundation

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From taking small steps toward a new career to making big life changes, Fresh Start is here to help you create a brighter future. Our services, classes and workshops focus on teaching you key professional and personal skills that will build confidence along the journey to discovering your best self. And our supportive team is here to encourage you every step of the way, all in a welcoming environment where you can feel safe.

Life Skills

Learn to budget, improve self-esteem and even learn English with our essential Life Skills services.

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Career & Education

From creating a resume to gaining leadership skills, Fresh Start can help you succeed in the workplace.

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Support Services

Fresh Start offers support services for family law matters and social work questions.

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Levels of Connection

Most new clients join us at the Connect Level, with access to a selection of helpful services to get you on the right path quickly. As you progress, you’ll “graduate” to additional levels that unlock more advanced programs.

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