Fresh Start Woman's Foundation
Fresh Start Woman's Foundation

Career & Education

Maybe you’re entering the workplace for the first time or after a long absence. Or perhaps you’re looking to learn new skills or even start your own businesses. No matter your personal career goals, Fresh Start offers tools and education to help you succeed. 


Computer Literacy

Fresh Start offers a variety of computer classes to help women stay on top of technology to help with them career and education goals.

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Starting a Small Business

Fresh Start can help you get a step close to achieving your dream of owning a small business with our small business startup training and education programs.

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Scholarships are currently available through the Upward Mobility program.

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Upward Mobility

The 3-tiered Upward Mobility program provides opportunities for women to become more resilient and career ready, with the potential to be connected to training, education, scholarship and employment opportunities in Traditional & Non-Traditional Careers.

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Take the first step in the journey to the life you deserve. Learn more about attending the programs and services at Fresh Start!

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