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The Arizona Career Readiness Credential

Are you looking at ways to develop your skills? Do you want to find employment or take your career to the next level? 

Earn your Arizona Career Readiness Credential!

The Arizona Career Readiness Credential (ACRC) is a credential that shows employers that you possess the soft skills and knowledge for the job. This credential is being introduced to employers and job seekers across the state of Arizona and will add value to your job search. 

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Q: What is the ACRC? 

A: The Arizona Career Readiness Credential was launched through an initiative from Governor Ducey’s office partnered with Arizona @ Work as well as Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity.  This credential demonstrates a job seekers command over seven skill areas that span across all occupations, industries, and career pathways in the state of Arizona. The credential will add value to your job search by showing employers you are ready and capable of applying employment skills to your job. Several sites across Arizona will be facilitating the proctoring of the ACRC exam, and Fresh Start is now a proctored site which means that clients will be able to earn the ACRC on site at Fresh Start!

Q: What is the ACRC compromised of? 

A: ACRC is divided into two sections, one that addresses Career Readiness within academic areas, and an Employability skills section. Career Readiness covers three academic areas being reading for information, applied mathematics, and locating information.    Employability Skills covers communicating effectively, conveying professionalism, promoting teamwork/ collaboration, and thinking critically/ problem solving.

Q: Is there any preparation needed for the ACRC? 

A: You are encouraged to prepare for the proctored exam, but it is not required. Fresh Start will be providing opportunities for preparation that will be provided during in person classes covering Employability skills, as well as online modules you can work on at your own pace either from home or at the center.

Q: I am not good at Math will that hurt my chances?

A: No it will not as long as you utilize the online modules to prepare. The modules covering applied mathematics walk you through the process step by step, aiding in the understanding and preparation for the proctored exam.

Q: How do I earn the ACRC?

A: To earn the ACRC you will have to take a proctored exam at an ACRC designated site. Fresh Start Women’s Foundation is now a designated ACRC proctoring site!

Q: Is it required to take the in-person classes and/or learning modules before taking the ACRC exam? 

A: No, it is not required, but highly encouraged.

How many sections are in the ACRC exam? There are 4 sections in the ACRC proctored exam. They include an applied mathematics, locating information, reading for information and an employability skills section.

Q: Do you have to complete all 4 sections of the proctored exam in one sitting? 

A: No, at Fresh Start you can schedule to take one section of the exam at a time.

Q: What if I don’t do as well as I would like?  

A: If you do not get to the level of the credential that you were hoping for, plan to take 30 days to study the modules in the online practice site as well as the in-person employability skills classes at Fresh Start, and then retake the proctored exam.

Is there a maximum to the amount of time I can take the exam?  No, there is not a maximum amount of times you sit for the ACRC proctored exam.