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Computer Literacy

Fresh Start’s Computer Literacy Program serves to teach women the computer skills necessary to secure employment and advance in the workplace as well as to effectively utilize computers to support their professional and personal goals. 

Fresh Start offers beginning through advanced courses to give clients the skills they need to master Microsoft Office Products. Whether you are just starting out or need to brush up on your existing skills, we have a course for you. 

Want to take your Word and Excel Skills to the next level?

Starting in 2019 we will be offering a 4th level Word and 4th level Excel Class. Click on "Course Descriptions" below to learn more.


Fresh Start offers beginning through advanced Microsoft Office courses to help you regardless of your starting knowledge of the software programs. Each 2-day series teaches you basic through intermediate skills of using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Next, the Advanced Microsoft classes build upon the topics covered in the 2-day series.

Our Beginning and Intermediate Microsoft Series Includes:

  • Microsoft Windows Level 1 |  2 hours for $10.00 
  • Microsoft Excel Series | Levels 2 & 3 | 2 sessions @ 2 hours each for $10.00 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Series | Levels 2 & 3 | 2 sessions @ 2 hours each for $10.00 
  • Microsoft Word Series | Levels 2 & 3 | 2 sessions @ 2 hours each for $10.00

Our Advanced Microsoft Courses Include:

  • Microsoft Excel Level 3 |  2 hours for $10.00
  • Microsoft Excel Level 4 | 2 hours for $10.00
  • Microsoft Word Level 3 | 2 hours for $10.00
  • Microsoft Word Level 4 | 2 hours each for $10.00

Course Descriptions

Testing to Skip Pre-Requisites:

If you feel your skills are sufficient to skip the pre-requisite for any given course*, contact the Computer Services Manager, Julie Schaffer, at to register for an upcoming testing session.  The pre-requisite will be waived upon successful completion of the test.  *Testing out the pre-requisite is not an option for Level 4 classes. 

Proficiency Testing

Interested in knowing your proficiency level in Microsoft Windows, Word, PowerPoint and/or Excel?  Want to be able to show prospective employers proof of your skill level?

Fresh Start’s Computer Literacy Program offers Proficiency Testing for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  These 30-40 question tests are intended to assess your proficiency in each program.  Upon completion, a certificate indicating your score and a detailed report outlining your results for each question will be emailed to you.  These tests are offered at no charge.  To register for a testing session, please email the Computer Services Manager, Julie Schaffer, at

If you need some support in navigating the internet, social media or learning about online sales, we can help! Fresh Start offers a variety of computer courses beyond Microsoft Office. 

  • Basic Computers & Google Tools | 2 hours @ $10.00: Learn about Google’s powerful search engine and apps for email; maps; creating documents, spreadsheets and slideshows; blogging; and image editing.
  • Google Docs | 2 hours @ $10.00: This beginning level workshop introduces you to the word processing application as part of Google's suite of productivity tools.
  • Google Sheets | 2 hours @ $10.00: This beginning level workshop introduces you to the spreadsheet processing application as part of Google's suite of productivity tools.
  • Google Slides | 2 hours @ $10.00: This beginning level workshop introduces you to the powerpoint application as part of Google's suite of productivity tools.
  • Online Sales | 2 hours @ $10.00: This workshop provides tips and strategies for buying and selling items safely on sites like Craigslist, Etsy, and Ebay.
  • Social Media | 2 hours @ $10.00: This class provides a general overview of various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Techie Lab:

Techie Lab is a six-week program, consisting of 2-hour labs each week for six weeks. | Cost: $25 | Pre-Requisites: Thrive Level Membership and Basic Computer & Google Tools class.

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a computer?  Techie Lab is an immersive workshop intended to teach you all about computers and how they work.  Upon completion of this fun workshop, you will understand the basics of:

  • computer hardware
  • software lingo
  • computer maintenance

You will have the opportunity to disassemble and re-assemble a computer and participants leave with a refurbished laptop loaded with Linux operating system!

Please contact Julie Schaffer, Program Coordinator, at for more information. 

Coaching Sessions

These 30 minute sessions are intended to assist you with your software-related questions.  You can either bring in your laptop or work on one of our laptops during the session.  Please come prepared with a list of the questions you would like addressed.  Coaching sessions are limited to questions concerning Microsoft Windows, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and/or Outlook as well as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.  We cannot offer advice on equipment purchases or assist in the maintenance or repair of your personal computers or devices.

To schedule a 30-minute coaching session, please email Julie Schaffer, Program Coordinator, at

Clases en Español

 Para registrarse, envíe un correo electrónico a indicando la clase, la fecha y horario a la que desea asistir.

Course Descriptions

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