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Higher education can unlock a whole new world of opportunities and be a stepping stone to a great new career.

Fresh Start offers unique scholarship opportunities to our most active clients at the Thrive level, with assistance for those looking to complete a certificate or vocational program at a school/institute in Arizona. 

Note: Fresh Start no longer provides funding for Master's degrees.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 all of our scholarship opportunities are currently unavailable. We do hope to be able to offer these opportunities in the future.

E. Jean Goulet Scholarship

The E. Jean Goulet Scholarship fund was established by Barbara Anderson, a valued friend and supporter of Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, to help women attain their professional goals. Fresh Start is pleased to carry on the spirit of E. Jean Goulet, Ms. Anderson’s mother by offering scholarship opportunities to deserving women, currently utilizing Fresh Start services. We have two different scholarship opportunities at Fresh Start.

There are two available options through this scholarship fund:

  • E. Jean Goulet Career Scholarship: Funds can be used for a variety of opportunities including DPS fingerprint clearance cards, continuing education units, GED test, career and vocational certifications, etc. Funds may only cover the cost of tuition and/or program expenses up to $350. Applications are due by the 15th of each month, you can obtain the link to the application from the Education Program Coordinator. 
    • *Must complete Jump Start or Kick Start and be at Thrive Level.
  • E. Jean Goulet Upward Mobility Scholarship: For women currently enrolled in the Upward Mobility Program, the scholarship will support clients who have a financial need and provides opportunities for clients to advance in their careers through vocational and certificate programs that will allow them to earn a self-sufficient wage.
    • *Must be enrolled in Upward Mobility, information sessions for Upward Mobility are ongoing – register online today.

The scholarship award can be used for approved vocational programs, job training costs and certification, and many other job-related programs. Funds may only be used to cover the cost of tuition and/or program expenses. 

For eligibility requirements, and application and information session questions, contact Melissa Sarina at 

Small Business Start-up Certificate supported by Florine F. Jackson 

Fresh Start has partnered with Paradise Valley Community College to exclusively offer the Small Business Start-up Certificate to meet the needs of women who wish to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.

This program is available to our Empower and Thrive clients, and scholarships, courtesy of Fresh Start supporter Florine F. Jackson, are available to women who have completed the DreamBuilder program.

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