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Jump Start

Are you ready to bring your purpose and passion to life?

Jump Start is a week-long series designed to help bring your goals and dreams to reality. Whether you are unsure of your next steps or you need to get a refresher on a new career. Completing the program will improve your job readiness skills, your boundaries and self-esteem. 

Topics covered in the workshop includes:

  • How to use assertive communication personally & professionally
  • How and why to use a resume
  • How to apply interviewing techniques
  • How to read a job description

Why should you join Jump Start? Jump Start does what it's name implies - Jump Start provides clients with a week filled with useful tools to give them a boost in their personal and professional lives.

Women who complete the week long series finish the program with a community around them.  Our Jump Start workshops create bonds and the women that finish each series build a support network with one another that they can use throughout their journey with Fresh Start. 

Another benefit clients enjoy, is that upon completion of the Jump Start program, clients are eligible for career scholarship funds! 


In order to enroll with Jump Start, you must be an Empower Level Client. To get started and reach the Empower Level, you must register as a client and attend First Steps. Learn how to Get Started.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • March 18-22, 2019
  • April 8-12, 2019
  • May 13-17, 2019

Sample Program Schedule:

  • Monday - Smart Goals, Developing Healthy Boundaries and Assertive/Professional Communication
  • Tuesday - First Impressions and Relationship building
  • Wednesday - Resume Review and Instruction, and Interview Techniques
  • Thursday - Budget workshop, Mock Interviews and Computer Class
  • Friday - Vision Board, Shopping in Treasures, Discussion and Graduation Ceremony

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This program is generously funded by the Lee and Nancy Hanley Foundation.