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Family Law Support

Navigating the court system in Arizona can often be a confusing and difficult process to figure out on your own. Fresh Start offers support to help you effectively advocate for yourself and prepare for family court. We offer group legal information sessions, special topic classes, and document preparation services by a Certified Legal Document Preparer (CLDP).

Legal Information Sessions

Fresh Start offers women at the Connect level and beyond legal information sessions to educate women about Arizona’s marital and domestic relations laws. These are group sessions in a non-confidential setting; our instructors cannot provide legal advice about individual cases.    

Divorce and Legal Separation

Learn about Arizona’s laws governing divorce and legal separation. Topics covered include the family court process, community property and debt, spousal maintenance, legal decision-making and parenting time.

Legal Decision-Making (Custody) and Parenting Time

Learn about establishing, modifying or enforcing court orders for legal decision-making (Custody), parenting time and child support. Topics covered include the family law process, sole or legal joint decision-making, best interest of children, parenting time plans and relocation.

Child Support

Learn about your legal rights and responsibilities under the Arizona Child Support Guidelines and laws. Topics include a demonstration on how to prepare a child support worksheet using an online calculator and the information required to calculate support properly. You will also be introduced to the services provided by DES/Division of Child Support Services.

Special Topic Classes

In addition to our legal information sessions, we offer special topic classes led by licensed attorneys or professionals from our community who are experts in their field.

  • Arizona Family Laws: Q & A Roundtable – Your chance to ask a family law attorney general questions about family law and court process.
  • Preparing and Presenting Your Case: Community Legal Services attorneys will teach you how to prepare and present your case following the Arizona Statutes and Rules that govern every family law case.
  • Divorce: Gaining Control – Learn from a Certified Financial Planner the importance of protecting your assets, mistakes to avoid and what you are entitled to during the divorce process.

Document Preparation Services

Fresh Start offers women at the Empower level and beyond access to a CLDP to assist you with your family law matter, at a reduced fee. Our CLDPs can provide document preparation and general family law information pertaining to legal rights, procedures or options available to individuals not represented by an attorney. Although you typically begin receiving document preparation services at the beginning of a family court matter, this service may be available at any point during your court case. 

All document preparation services are by appointment only and are available for both English and Spanish-speaking clients. 

Client Intake

If you are seeking family law support or document preparation for your family law matter, you will need to be an Empower level client. To schedule your initial 30-minute intake appointment, please visit the Center and bring your completed Client Intake Form. There is a $10 cash fee for all intake appointments which is due the day of your appointment.

You are encouraged to attend our Legal Information Sessions and Special Topic Classes to gain important family law information prior to scheduling an intake appointment.

For more information or questions about our Family Law Support Services, please contact us at

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Fresh Start Women's Foundation strives to offer the best services possible to all women in the community seeking Family Law Support. Please keep in mind that there may be some matters that involve complex circumstances and elements that are beyond Fresh Start’s level of expertise. We can, however, provide you with referrals and resources within the community to better serve you and your need for Family Law Support.

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