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Social Work & Resource Services

At Fresh Start, we know that a key to becoming more resilient is to build social support and many Fresh Start clients come to us during transition periods in their lives. Maybe you aren’t quite sure the best way to take advantage of our services, or how to find the community services you need. With in-house specialists ready to help you make positive changes for your future, we have you covered.

Not only do we have social workers in-house to connect you with the necessary social services, but we also have resource specialists who will work with you to create a Fresh Start plan based on your goals. We also have group sessions that offer a built-in support network with a group of women going through similar life changes.

Resource Coaching

Resource Coaching is a brief one on one meeting with one of our Social Work staff which provides resources that can help tend to your immediate needs.  Resource Coaching can also help you create a path within Fresh Start and provide support you may need on getting started with your goals. 

Virtual Resource Coaching Services is currently available every Tuesday from 11AM - 2PM and every Wednesday from 3PM - 6PM.  Sessions are 15-20 minutes long with online registration available via the online calendar.

Resource coaching is lead by our social service specialist, Claudia Duarte.

Social Service Specialist:

This can be your initial point of contact when connecting with Fresh Start by providing guidance, education, and referral to help you move forward with your current goals.  It is our priority to get you connected with the appropriate service, workshop, group, and support.  

Claudia Duarte

Claudia has worked in social services for over 18 years serving the community as a Family Advocate, bilingual substance abuse counselor, program coordinator, bilingual parent aid, and High Needs Case Manager.  Claudia is a strong believer of the importance of connecting women with natural and community base supports in order to be able to thrive and rise above adversity.    

Social Work Services

Our social workers will provide you with personalized, one-on-one support as you make changes in your life. We’ll work with you to prioritize current needs and find community resources to help meet them. Beyond immediate needs, you’ll also get guidance in identifying growth opportunities, setting goals and creating an action plan to keep you moving in the right direction.

Dorinda Thompson, MSW

Dorinda has worked in the field as a Behavioral Health Professional for 15+ years. Dorinda has worked for community non-profit organizations with a variety of populations ranging from mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, hospice, to prison incarceration and reintegration. Dorinda’s experience ranges from providing education and information, program development, partnership with community agencies, and the utilization of current knowledge and resources within the field of Social Work. Dorinda is devoted and committed to the provision of social work advocacy for individuals and allowing the development of each into their fullest and highest potential. As a member of the Fresh Start Social Work team, Dorinda is able to continue to the provision of excellent service utilizing technology along with a dedicated knowledge of the social work field.

Virtual Topic Groups

At this time, we are offering ongoing virtual topic groups for women such as: building self-esteem and confidence, promoting positivity, defending against depression, and community resource needs and solutions. View topic goup sessions and register via the online calendar.

Once the center reopens at full capacity, we will resume our open and closed support groups which offer women an opportunity with other women working through similar challenges.

For Clients in need for Domestic Violence Support: 

When we come together we can provide a network of resources, tools and support to help domestic violence survivors. We also partner with local agencies who can provide additional support to domestic violence survivors, including:

Open Support Groups

Open Support Groups are not currently being offered. Groups offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with other women working through similar challenges as you. It’s a powerful experience that builds strong ties of friendship and support among the women who attend.

Any Fresh Start client can drop in on an open support group without pre-registering or committing to attend more than one session. All open support groups are free—simply show up the day and time that the support group is offered.

Closed Support Groups

Closed Support Groups are not currently being offered. Closed groups are more structured than open groups, with sessions that build upon each other over 6-10 weeks. Although these sessions are also free, we do require that you pre-register directly with the group facilitator to attend, and you must commit to attend all sessions to ensure you get the full benefit of the group.

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