Fresh Start Woman's Foundation
Fresh Start Woman's Foundation

The Yelp Foundation Donates $60,000 Grant to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation

November 28, 2018

Fresh Start is honored to announce their receipt of a $60,000 grant from the Yelp Foundation. The funds will directly benefit the programs and services offered at the Jewell McFarland Lewis Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center in downtown Phoenix.
“Without the support of organizations like the Yelp Foundation, Fresh Start would not be able to serve the thousands of women that walk through our doors each year,” said President and CEO Susan Berman. “These dollars are invaluable to the women that we serve and will help us provide high quality programs that help women with employment, education goals, computer training, financial education, personal development and so much more.”
The Yelp Foundation has given more than $5 million since its founding in 2011 to support charitable organizations and activities addressing the needs of local communities, including education, access to information, freedom of expression and local economic development.
"The Yelp Foundation is delighted to support the important work of the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. From computer literacy to small business startup training, the education, resources and support that the organization provides are crucial in helping women succeed. And when women succeed, the whole community benefits." Said Miriam Warren, Yelp Foundation Board Chair.
Fresh Start Women’s Foundation is a privately funding organization and relies on grants, generous donors, fundraising events and community support to continue serving women in the community. Fresh Start sends it’s sincere thanks to the Yelp Foundation for their support.
The Jewell McFarland Lewis Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center offers a wide breadth of programs and services, including career readiness, family law support, social work services, domestic violence support, scholarships, mentoring, computer skills training, professional clothing, and financial coaching, as well as job placement services through the onsite Goodwill Career Center. To learn more about the programs and services that Fresh Start offers or to get started on your own Fresh Start journey, please visit:
Fresh Start Women’s Foundation Contact: Katie Selph
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