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Christine Hall Volunteer Spotlight

Making Technology Accessible to Women

Fresh Start Volunteer Spotlight - May 2018

Christine Iijima Hall, Ph.D., SPHR | Fresh Start Volunteer Spotlight | May 2018

Christine has always been fascinated by technology.  After working for 35 years as a university and college faculty and administrator, she completed an internship at an IT Help Desk to keep her passion for technology alive.  Five years ago, Christine Hall came to Fresh Start to volunteer and brought her teaching experience, skills and interest in technology with her. When she first started, she served as a Tech Coach, offering one-on-one assistance to women with computer courses.

As she spent more and more time with Fresh Start clients, she realized that most of the women needed help with Microsoft Office products. This led Christine to create a curriculum to teach a series of basic computer classes. At the time, Christine thought she was just doing something to help clients. Little did she know that the curriculum she created would form the foundation of the computer program and the classes that we teach today. She continues to work with Julie, our Computer Literacy Coordinator, to adapt the classes and schedule and develop new curriculum. Her thirty-five years of experience as a teacher has been invaluable to the program; she is truly dedicated to ensuring that every client walks away with a better understanding and less fear of computers.

When asked what has kept her coming back to Fresh Start, she says emphatically, “The clientele.” She loves the diversity of the women and their different learning styles. “When someone doesn’t understand, it challenges me to speak the language they speak.”

She thrills at finding new ways to help clients understand the coursework. Each student that walks through the door has different experience and comfort levels with computers; part of her role is to communicate with each woman in the way that makes the most sense to them. She is moved by the persistence of many of her students, who return to take the classes again and again even when dealing with significant barriers, including learning disabilities, medical issues, and three-hour commutes on public transportation.

Christine is full of passion and ideas for the future of the program that she essentially started. She saw the future of the computer program early on and has been vital in making it grow and thrive the way it has. Fresh Start is incredibly lucky to have Christine as a volunteer, supporter and friend!

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Fresh Start is gratefeful for all of our wonderful volunteers that help at every level of our organization. If you are interested in becoming a Fresh Start volunteer, you can view open opportunities and apply online. We are always looking for individuals, organizations, and corporate groups to volunteer at the Resource Center.