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Hayley Weiss Volunteer Spotlight

Helping Women in the Community

Hayley Weiss | Fresh Start Volunteer Spotlight | December 2017

     10 Minutes was all Hayley Weiss had to make her pitch for Fresh Start Women’s Foundation.  “I didn’t want to craft a message, I wanted to speak from the heart. When you speak from the heart, it comes so much easier,” Weiss said with a bright smile.

     Weiss stood in front of the Scottsdale Chapter of 100+ Women Who Care Valley of the Sun to make her case for Fresh Start. Every quarter, women from the valley come together to fundraise for a charity chosen by the group. “As a member, you pledge to give $400 a year, or you can be part of a team of people. Maybe that means four girls each giving $25 a quarter. You can break it up however you want as long as your group is dedicated to writing a $100 check per quarter,” explained Weiss.

     With 3 chapters active around the Valley, the organization is determined to grow with an West Valley chapter opening in 2018.  Weiss is eager to see the group expand and have a larger impact: “There is a good representation of women around the Valley and in the last quarter we raised $23,000 across all three chapters.”

     As a member of one of the chapters, you can nominate any charity you would like to sponsor. At the start of each quarterly meeting, 3 charities are drawn out of a hat and the sponsoring member has to deliver a 10-minute pitch. After all of the members have heard each pitch, they choose a winning charity and all write a check for $100.  At the November 1st meeting, Hayley pitched Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and won.  “This is the second time I had been pulled out of the hat with Fresh Start,” Weiss beamed with pride as she talked about her pitch. “I knew I had to work on my speech, so I talked about my experience as a volunteer mentor and how you can make a difference in somebody’s life.”

     Weiss has been involved with Fresh Start Women’s Foundation for nearly four years in the volunteer mentor program. She radiates positivity and she speaks enthusiastically about her role as a mentor, Fresh Start and her efforts to give back. Through the volunteer mentor program, Weiss has worked one-on-one to help women achieve their goals.  Weiss is passionate about supporting her mentees as a coach and guide. “These women want to make a better life for themselves and they are willing to work hard for it. As a mentor, I can use my skills and strengths to help my mentee build herself in areas where she might not be as strong.”

    While her mentees come in with different goals, they work together to achieve their goals while laying out the path that will take them there. Weiss has a background in IT and project management. As a Senior IT Manager, she knows how to plan projects from beginning to end, predict obstacles and help her mentees through the logistics of reaching their goals.

    In addition to teaching women how to set and reach goals, the program instills personal growth with unexpected lessons and takeaways. Along the way, the women often uncover truths about themselves. “It is a journey of self discovery for both of us and you have to figure it out together. Being a mentor allows you to really put yourself in somebody else’s shoes, especially if you are an empathetic person. As you work with your mentee, you can empathize with their journey.”

    This December, Weiss is starting with her third mentee and can’t wait to get the process started. Eager and ready to help others, Weiss is doing all that she can do to help women at Fresh Start and in the larger community. Her involvement with 100+ Women Who Care Valley of the Sun gives her the opportunity to reach even more people with multiple charities winning funds each quarter.

     “It feels good to give back and I have the energy to do it,” Weiss’ attitude is contagious. “When you can live for something other than yourself, it’s a good feeling.”