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Julie Jakubek Volunteer Spotlight

Through a series of small coincidences and acts of fate, Julie Jakubek, MBA came to Fresh Start with a passion for financial literacy and began developing financial coursework for the clients at Fresh Start. Moving Through Financial Management is a free 8-week series that empowers women with the knowledge and skills to make more informed choices about money.

 “Two things are really important. One is making women realize that they know more about money that they thought they did which is very empowering. The second is looking at money differently and knowing that you can be unique with your money. There are always options but knowing you have options with money is important.”

 Julie’s passion for finances and financial education extends beyond Fresh Start. Julie is on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Council of Economic Education which is dedicated to improving economic and personal financial literacy in Arizona. Part of their mission includes working with teachers to build curriculum and support teaching personal finance and economics in schools. This experience has given Julie confidence in leading in the classroom.

 “I love public speaking and getting up in front of people. If it’s my passion, I don’t really need any notes, it just comes. When I began with Fresh Start, I wanted to make sure that whatever I did was going to make a difference,” Says Jakubek. “After my first 8-week series I realized that I am making a difference. There has been really good feedback from clients.”

 Not only does Julie teach the Moving Through Financial Management Series, she also leads philanthropic projects in her daily life. “I block out ten hours a week for volunteering and I put it in my calendar to make sure I schedule it in. I have always had a philanthropic thing and it is nice that Allstate does too so that the two could collide.” 

Previously, Julie organized a clothing drive with Allstate that brought together 17 Allstate agents from around the state. She needed at least 5 agents to do the program and was blown away to see the names rolling in. For each agent that registered, the Allstate Foundation donated $1,000 which resulted in an amazing $17,000 donation for Fresh Start!

Julie credits her fellow Allstate agents for their involvement. “It would not have been successful without all of their support.” Thank you to all of the agents who participated in the clothing drive: Pegah Mirkhadivi , Bianca Zaragoza, Misty Everette, Nicole Kittleson Paulina Kalaj, Darcy Nied, Debra Atkinson, Elizabeth Castaneda, Rebecca Niessink, Raechelle Ortiz, Ronda Kuehl, Kristy Henry, Carmen Ramirez, Lisa Mercier, Marie Hendricks and Charina Dimaano.

 Fresh Start is fortunate to have passionate volunteers like Julie interacting with and guiding our clients. Her spirit and energy are helping women take control of their financial futures and her efforts are expanding awareness about Fresh Start in the community. Thank you, Julie!

 If you are interested in becoming a Fresh Start volunteer, you can view open opportunities and apply online. We are always looking for individuals, organizations, and corporate groups to volunteer at the Resource Center.